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VIDEO: This is Cestoball. Play it, feel it, live it

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Cestoball is an Argentine sport that was created in 1897 by professor Enrique Romero Brest (the father of Physical Education in Argentina) and was first named “Pelota al Cesto” (ball to the goalpost, in Spanish). In 1903, the sport was included in the teaching of Physical Education syllabuses and in 1986 it adopted its present name after an important change in the regulations was introduced. This made Cestoball a dynamic discipline of high performance. A cestoball team is made up players of either the same or different genders. In Cestoball, different physical qualities are developed, together with the psychological aspects and social values of the people involved in a game. What is more, due to its tactical and technical features, and the dynamics inherent in the game, it fosters a wide sense of cooperation among the players since there is no bouncing of the ball. Therefore, the only way to play is to pass the ball to teammates with the hands. This in turn forces players to constantly move around in order to play or regain the possession, by employing the basic forms of movement such as running, jumping, throwing, receiving and scoring. Also, the development of these physical qualities stimulates aerobic and anaerobic endurance, strength, speed, power and specific coordination movements, which are all necessary to perform the essential technical and tactical basics of Cestoball. The infrastructure and equipment needed for its practice are scarce (goalposts, a ball and a court) and they facilitate socialization and integration of a great number of people with little equipment; also, a quite small place for doing this fun activity is enough, so it is ideal for teaching at schools. . . #Cestoball #JugáUnDeporteArgentino #CestoballDeporteNacional #SomosArgentina #Deportes #MadeInArgentina #HechoEnArgentina #ElCestoballCrece

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